Jiu Jitsu Rules and Concepts

1: More important than learning any one move, is learning the correct way to move

2: Never play a game that depends completely on the strength of your hands

3: Make every move count, never move without a purpose

4: Escape by moving your hips, not by using your arms

5: Never commit your arms when you are in your opponents guard

6: Whenever your guard is compromised get both shoulders off the mat

7: Never move forward when your opponent has a cross-collar grip

8: Never stay perpendicular when under your opponent’s pressure

9: Never let the guard player control your lapel

10: Always keep your knee in front of your foot when fighting against a leg attacker

11: Control your opponent diagonally when allowing space

13: Don’t let an open guard player control your ankle

23: Never stand upright in front of a lapel guard player

?: Never let someone put their arm behind your head