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On Gathering Information

September 20th, 2022

It seems generally useful to be able to gather information in a single place. Often, it saves me from headaches.

I think that a lot of times it can almost be annoying to people around me. There are so many people who seem to hold all the information about something they're working on in their head. Which I suppose is great if you've got the best memory in the world. Which I don't.

This is probably a holdover from a habit I picked up working on software teams. I get so used to having a high-performing, quick responding team that has well-developed processes for gathering, documenting, and sharing information. We use Git to make sure our single source of truth (even our documentation!) is preserved, and we avoid running into the "who has the latest version?" problem.

What seems strange is that people in my life outside of work almost feel opposed to this way of working. Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm imagining things, but people seem to like to play the game of, "I have a secret!". It's like some people are opposed to writing down things to share with others.

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